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February 5.  A story is told of an older couple who took up ballroom dancing.  Why?  Because the wife was feeling unloved.  “He never touches me at all,” she said, “and I need that, just to be held close as we do in our dancing class. The instructor would say, ‘Now put your arm around her, hold her close, swing her about and move in time with each other.’  What a joy that has been for me,” she smiled, thinking,  Isn’t that healing ministry too?

Reflect, share, Scripture:  Wherever he came in villages, cities or country they laid the sick in the market places and begged Jesus that they might touch even the fringe of his garment and as many as touched it were made well. Mk 6:56.  Pope Francis: Day after day touched by God’s compassion we also can become compassionate towards others. MV14. Do not turn your face away from those who are poor. Everyone is our neighbour. Regardless of the colour of their skin, their social standing, the place from which they came this World Day of the Poor we pray that the same Spirit of love and mercy that was so strong in Tobit may touch our own hearts as we seek to build a future of compassion, justice and dignity for all. Message for World Day of the Poor 2023.  Choose appropriate action