February 6.  Teenagers question many things, including family traditions and cultural practices.  When Vusi was in confirmation class they discussed initiation.   “Is this still important today now that we are Christians?”  he asked.  Some of the group rejected the idea of traditional practices while others believed it was necessary.  The catechist was sensitive and sensible and asked them to consider, “Is there good or evil in such practices, or some of both?  What is the loving thing to do?  What would Jesus do? Discussing this matter with your families is very important, especially about their understanding and expectations of culture and tradition.”  “Wasn’t Benedict Daswa murdered because he rejected witchcraft?

Reflect, share, Scripture:  You leave the commandment of God and hold fast to the tradition of men.  From Mk 7:1-13.  Pope Francis:  The human person by nature stands completely in need of life in society and always exists in reference to society finding there a concrete way of relating to reality.  EG 115 Pray: for openness to traditions and practices of peoples. Choose appropriate action.