February 4. Sunday 5B.   Fr Obed decided to share some of his story with the congregation.  “When I was a young boy I had a deformed foot.   Other boys used to make fun of me and the way I walked, but my grandmother always said to me, ‘Be brave my child, God has a plan for you.’ So I began to wonder about that plan, especially when I was hurt and angry.  I would read the gospel stories especially about Jesus preaching and healing the sick and slowly it came to me that maybe God’s plan had to do with that, preaching and caring for the sick.  We did visit the shrine where some miracles had taken place and a miracle for me too was that a benefactor paid for the operation that was needed to repair my foot.  That made me conscious of the sick, even the earth that is sick.

Reflect, share, Scripture:  Jesus healed many who were sick with various diseases. Mk 1:29-39.  Pope Francis: Jesus is the physician who heals with the medicine of love, for he takes upon himself our suffering and redeems it.  We know that God can understand our infirmities, because he himself has personally experienced them. From Jubilee of sick and suffering. Pray: to become more aware of the needs of those who are disabled that they may receive the help they need.  Choose appropriate action.