15th October. Sunday 28A.  Wedding Guests Before he began his homily Fr Teddy would look around his congregation and ask himself.  “Who is here or not here and why have they come?  How much do they value this banquet to which Jesus invites us all or am I in a way not making it wholesome enough for them?   Is it up to me or should these families of the parish themselves not be going out on Jesus’ behalf and inviting others to come to the banquet.  Maybe I will ask them if they see themselves as the invited guests, or the later uninvited guests or those sent out to look for others.  Maybe Pope Francis’ three areas of ministry and the synodality themes apply here: “communion, participation and mission.”  

Reflect, share, act. Scripture.  And those servants went out into the streets and gathered all whom they found, both bad and good so the wedding hall was filled with guests.”  From Matt 22:1-14.  Pope Francis. There are three areas for ministry. 1. Ordinary pastoral ministry is to inflame the hearts of the regular faithful.   2. Ministry to the baptised who lack a meaningful relationship to the Church which tries to help them experience a conversion which will restore the joy of faith and a commitment to the gospel. 3. Evangelisation is first and foremost about preaching the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus Christ or who have always rejected him. EG 14. Pray: Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in us the fire of your love, so that walking together we may renew the face of the earth.   16thOctober.Jonah’s story. When she sat down and thought about itMitzi realised that there is a bit of Jonah