April 24.  “Why are we in our day not like those early Christians, so full of fire?” Brent had often thought about this.  “I see other churches talking about miracles and wonders but we Catholics are quite skeptical about that. Do miracles really happen or can they?”   They decided to consult with the prayer group in their parish and were told,  “Yes, miracles are still supposed to be a sign of God’s care and presence, but our faith and understanding may not be strong enough.  Instead of arguing and disputing should we not be praying to the Holy Spirit for an increase in faith, love and commitment to God’s way and how we live our relationships?” “That is what synodality is all about, isn’t it?”   

Scripture. In those days, Stephen full of grace and power did great wonders and signs among the people.  Then some arose and disputed with Stephen.  But they could not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke.   From Acts 6:8-15.   Pope Francis. Keeping our missionary fervour alive calls for firm trust in the Holy Spirit. There is no greater freedom than that of allowing oneself to be guided by the Holy Spirit, renouncing the attempt to plan and control everything and instead letting him enlighten, guide and direct us, leading us wherever he wills. EG 280. Reflect, share and act, pray.