August 8th.  State support.   Some of the group were discussing taxes.   There is income tax, sales tax, e-tolls as road tax but there are also different grants.  “Some of us give, but it is mostly others who get.  Is that fair?”  “I think the principle of the common good is a “good” one.  It puts a positive spin on the fact that life isn’t fair.”  “Don’t women on the whole carry heavier financial burdens as so many of our families are headed by single mothers? Shouldn’t that be considered in the light of the common good?”   “I think we need to look more holistically at family units rather than at men’s or women’s perspectives only.  What about family income tax and family grants?”  And so the conversation progressed.    

“The collectors of the half-shekel tax went up to Peter and said, “Does not your teacher pay the tax?”  Read Matthew 17:22-27.  Pope Francis:  There is a general feeling of powerlessness in the face of socio-cultural realities that oftentimes end up crushing families. The State has the responsibility to pass laws and create work to ensure the future of young people and help them realise their plan of forming a family.  AL 43.