May 13.   Moyra wondered, “Our Lady of Fatima appeared to three little children with her message, a call to pray for peace. How many parents really talk with their children about social reality and the problem issues of today.  Or maybe the kids should inform their parents, or whoever their carers are, as they learn far more about these matters at school then we ever knew.  In many ways kids, the young,  are better informed, more capable technologically and make us older people feel quite inadequate at times. However we must not forget how vulnerable young people also are to abuse, e.g. pornography, through their cellphones. Those are really important issues for family consideration. Have we lost our advantage over the youth?   Does the 4th commandment to honour your parents still apply?  Are we still to be respected or do we parents and children each have to reconsider our place in the scheme of things for the sake of peace in the home and in society?“ 

Reflect, share and act. Scripture.  Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me. John 14:1-6    Pope Francis:  Nowadays authority is often considered suspect and adults are treated with impertinence. They themselves become uncertain and so fail to offer sure and solid guidance to their children.  AL176.  From FAMILIES AND THE SYNOD. What role can the family play in the process of building a more synodal Church? How can this synodal process help us to better understand, promote and empower the mission of the family within the Church and in the world, as “a leaven of evangelization in society?”. (AL 290) Pray. O God, who chose the Mother of your Son to be our Mother also, grant us that persevering in penance and prayer for the salvation of the world, we may further more effectively each day the reign of Christ. Let us pray also at this time once again for the conversion of Russia.  Mary, Mother of peace,  pray for us