August 14th  Sunday 20C.  Fr Thabo scratched his head as he started his homily. “Last week I spoke about infertility in marriage, a painful cross for some couples and one that needs sensitive discernment.  In today’s gospel Jesus speaks out very strongly about division on earth over the principles he himself stands for.  He gives the example of the pain of division in families  to highlight the seriousness of his message, one that he was prepared to give his life for. I, myself, feel really challenged when I think about this. Do I take my beliefs seriously enough and would I be willing to die for them, as is happening even today in parts of the world including Africa?  

At that time Jesus said to his disciples, “I came to cast fire upon the earth and would that it were already kindled! Do you think I have come to give peace on earth? No.  Henceforth in one house there will be five divided, three against two, father against son. Luke 12:49-53. Pope Francis:  We cannot overlook the social degeneration brought about by sin, as for example when human beings tyrannize nature, selfishly and even brutally ravaging it.   This leads to desertification of the earth and those social and economic imbalances denounced by the prophets and culminating in Jesus’ own words against injustice. AL26  Christians realise that their responsibility within creation and their duty towards nature and the Creator, are an essential part of their faith. It is good for humanity and the world at large when we believers better recognize the ecological commitments which stem from our convictions.   LS64.