December 3. Isaac, Rebecca and their family. Read from Genesis 25-27. Isaac chose Rebecca as his wife. Like her mother-in-law Sarah, Isaac’s wife Rebecca, was childless until God answered their prayers and granted them twin boys. Even before their birth they seemed to be in conflict and their parents soon had favourites. Rebecca favoured Jacob and Isaac Esau. Rebecca influenced Jacob and they cleverly manipulated Esau into selling his birthright as the older twin. Later when Isaac, nearly blind in his old age, wanted to give his final blessing to his oldest son, Rebecca plotted with Jacob once again to cheat Esau and steal the blessing. This deceitful act is condemned by some later biblical writers. It is also said that God can work out his plan of salvation using sinful situations and people to achieve his own ultimate purposes.

Pope Francis: the family is the primary setting for socialisation since it is where we first learn to relate to others. Al 275. For reflection and sharing. Is there division or favouritism in your family or do children see it as that? Is mother or father the controlling one? What can other family moments in this story teach about faith and life?