June 6. June 6. When Ephraim read the story of how Tobit became blind and had to be cared for he felt quite sad.  A picture of the young people standing to support the blind beggars at street corners around the suburbs came to mind.  He’d been asked once  to stand with a blind person and had refused.  When his granny started losing her eyesight and eventually became blind he had a niggling feeling that this was a punishment for him, so he volunteered to spend time with her and actually started enjoying the relationship they were building as he came and visited and read to her each week.

Reflect, share, act. Scripture: For four years I was unable to see. All my kindred were sorry for me and Abilcar took care of me for two years until he went to Elymais. Tobit 2:9-14.Pope Francis.  The larger family should provide love and support to teenage mothers, children without parents, single mothers, persons with disabilities needing particular affection and closeness, young people struggling with addiction, the unmarried, separated or widowed who are alone and the elderly and infirm who lack the support of their children.   It should embrace even those who have made a shipwreck of their lives. AL 197.