November 28.  Mrs Adams was hoping, as she had to admit she hoped every year,  that this Christmas would be different.  The effects of Covid were still being experienced but other economic factors were a big strain on their family life.  While she knew that St Francis preached poverty, and lived a life of poverty and prayer, that was a deliberate choice.   Would it be possible to invite her family to make choices to be aware of the needs of the earth and of the poor as promoted by Pope Francis and be more prayerful for this season. For the same of my family and friends, let me say, “Peace upon you”. For the sake of the house of the Lord, our God, I will seek good things for you.   Ps 122.

From the Little Flowers of St Francis. Brother Bernard, Francis’ first convert, was a very holy man who regularly conversed with God in prayer.   One day Francis was searching for him and called him three times but Bernard did not hear.   Francis was irritated, but then he himself prayed about this “evil thought”.   Feeling guilty when he understood why Bernard could not hear, Francis went to him and demanded a punishment for his pride and to humble himself he asked “Put your one foot on my neck and the other on my mouth three times.” Pope Francis: We must not lose our ability to listen. St Francis heard the voice of God, he heard the voice of the poor, he heard the voice of the infirm and he heard the voice of nature.   My desire is that the seed that St Francis planted may grow in the ears and hears of many.  FT 48