January 18. Jealousy.  Whenever there is power there is likely to be some abuse of power.  Mirriam experienced it in her office and Jason too in his workplace.  People are jealous over promotions or special benefits.  In families too jealousy is a common thing and the elders have to keep a balance and not show favouritism in their treatment of children.  Children too have to understand that honesty and fair play, call it ubuntu is something that has to be learned right from childhood and doesn’t just come naturally.

Reflect, share. Scripture: Saul turned a jealous eye on David from that day forward. Read the long accounts in 1 Samuel 18 and 19. Pope Francis:  Envy is a kind of sadness provoked by another’s prosperity, it shows that we are not concerned for the happiness of others, but only with our own well-being. True love does not see another person as a threat and frees us from the sour taste of envy.  AL 95. Our postmodern world runs the risk of rampant individualism and many problems are connected with today’s self-centred culture of instant gratification.  LS 162.  Pray:  for the willingness to deal with jealousy and greed.   Choose appropriate action.