June 11.  Patrick laughed and said, “When we were kids we used to swear blood oaths of everlasting friendship to each other, and now I never see those kids any more. I do believe in keeping promises and saying what I mean, but it worries me a lot when you hear of false preachers and even satanist practices, where oaths are sworn and promises forced on you, like having to kill someone. Mary was quite serious and added, “Don’t we also see government ministers sworn in and taking an oath to act justly and honestly, and later find they get charged with corruption.  Isn’t that what is happening in our country?  

Reflect, share and act. Scripture. ”Let your yes be yes and your no simply no. Anything more than this comes from the Evil One.  Matt 5:33-37.   Pope Francis: We should not think that political efforts or the force of law will be sufficient to prevent actions which affect the environment, because when the culture itself is corrupt and objective truth and universally valid principles are no longer upheld, then laws can only be seen as arbitrary impositions or obstacles to be avoided. LS123    When human beings place themselves at the centre, they give absolute priority to immediate convenience and all else becomes relative, which sees everything as irrelevant unless it serves one’s own immediate interests.   LS122.