June 12.  Trinity Sunday . Fr Joseph looked around the church. In his parish the men sat on one side, women on another and children all together.  He thought to himself, “How can I relate this situation to the Blessed Trinity. Maybe I should encourage them at least once a month to sit as family units, as best they can, to be more of a real symbol of a community of love.”  In his homily he brought out the well-known images of the Trinity, the perfect community of love and then added that loving married couples and loving families should recognize their calling to imitate this, especially leading up to the important World Meeting of Families celebration happening soon with the theme, “Family Love as a Vocation and the way to Holiness.”   

Reflect, share and act. Scripture:  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. to God who is, who was, and who is to come.  Rev 1:8. Pope Francis.  The Father is the ultimate source of everything, the loving and self-communicating foundation of all that exists. The Son, his reflection, through whom all things were created united himself to this earth when he was formed in the womb of Mary. The Spirit infinite bond of love is intimately at the very heart of the universe, inspiring and bringing new pathways. The world was created by the three persons, acting as a single divine principle. When we contemplate with wonder the universe in all its grandeur and beauty we must praise the whole Trinity .LS 238-239.    Mary, lead us in praise and thanksgiving to the Trinity