November 29The diocesan Justice and Peace team were promoting a study of Franciscan spirituality.  They said, “The ethical and spiritual roots of environmental problems require that we look for solutions not only in technology but in a change in humanity, otherwise we would be dealing merely with symptoms. LS9.Could this Advent and Christmas be a time for change in our attitudes?

 From the Little Flowers of St Francis.  St Francis saw on some trees by the wayside a great multitude of birds, and being much surprised, he said to his companions. “Wait for me here while I go and preach to my little sisters the birds.” He began to preach to the birds on the ground and suddenly all those also on the trees came round him and listened. Brother Masseo observed how St Francis went among them and even touched them with his garments.  The substance of the sermon was, “My little sisters the birds, ye owe much to God, your Creator, and ye ought to sing his praise at all times and in all places, because he has given you liberty to fly about into all places and though you neither sew nor spin he has given you twofold and threefold clothing for yourselves and your offspring.   Beware my little sisters of the sin of ingratitude and always give praise to God.”  

Scripture:  Righteousness shall be the belt of his waist and faithfulness the belt of his loins.   The world shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and the calf and the lion and the fatling together and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:1-10.  Share on the topic of attitudes. .