May 16.  Parenting one’s own older parents is a reality that many families experience these days and it is not the easiest thing on earth. Older people still want to be independent and can be very set in their ways and quite stubborn and mean too, even if they are not suffering from some form of dementia, which is fairly common in older people.  George and Paula thought, “Maybe it is anxiety that they won’t have enough money to last them, and I accept that their values are different to ours.  They’re really hung up about their money and their possessions.   They’d be much happier if they would loosen up a bit and maybe even feel fulfilled if they gave us a hand with varsity fees for our kids.“ 

Reflect, share and act. Scripture.  We bring you good news that you should turn from these vain things to a living God who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them. Acts 14:5-18,  Pope Francis:  Support of the elderly is a challenge to families.   The church cannot and does not want to conform to a mentality of impatience, and much less indifference and contempt towards old age. AL191. From FAMILIES AND THE SYNOD:    How are families a key point of communion in the Church – on the one hand, within themselves and, on the other, beyond themselves in the larger community? Pray. Mary, mother and ancestor, pray for us.