May 4. George and Fatima could share well with others on another sensitive subject.  “In our parish we have some converts from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds, but unfortunately for us as parents some of our girls having married into Muslim families have become Muslims too. That is more of a challenge than joining another Christian church and many people are in “mixed marriage” families as we used to call them.   Prayers and practices about how and what to cook for food, how to pray and fast are things people do at home, whatever their religion, and if we really think of our families as little churches we should sort those things out so that they don’t cause conflict.  Conforming to some practices as a compromise for the sake of peace in the home can be a positive or a negative thing.”

Reflect, share, scripture: Timothy’s father was a Greek. Paul wanted Timothy to accompany him and he took and circumcised him because of the Jews that were in those places, for they all knew that his father was a Greek.   From Acts 16:1-10.  Pope Francis:   Marriages involving disparity of cult represent a privileged place for interreligious dialogue in every day life.   They involve special difficulties regarding both the Christian identity of the family and the religious upbringing of children. Bearing witness to the ability of the Gospel to immerse itself in these situations will make possible the upbringing of children in the Christian faith. AL 248. + FT 277. ACTION.  Reflect on your own attitudes towards people of another faith especially within a family.