During the next days the angels stood by, watching and listening as the story unfolded.  They felt proud, but increasingly concerned as they saw the resistance mounting.  Jesus came boldly into the temple, preaching, healing and disputing with the chief priests and elders, showing his authority and power but building up the store of anger and resentment of the chief priests to fever-pitch causing them to plot against him.   

Angels listened with deep concentration and even fear to the parables Jesus told to the Pharisees. The parable of the vineyard, how the wicked tenants killed all the messengers, even the owner’s son, was a clear condemnation of the Pharisees’ hypocrisy and prediction of   their punishment. “How terrible for you, teachers of the Law and Pharisees!. You hypocrites!”  “hypocrite! Hypocrite!”  they chanted but asked themselves, “Does he not know what trouble he is bringing on himself?”  Read, reflect, share, pray.    Luke 20. Pope Francis: today, there is a war. Because there is something to be won this way, according to the way of the world? This is only the way to lose. Why not allow Him to win? Christ bore his cross to free us from the dominion of evil. He died so that life, love, peace might reign. (Angelus, Palm Sunday)