May 17. James and George had been in a relationship for three years when they came to the realisation that they wanted to make their relationship permanent and even have a child.  They shared with an understanding priest friend who explained that a marriage of gay men was not possible in the Catholic Church. So they settled for a pastor to witness their commitment in a same- sex union.  A while later they began to explore the ways that they could have a child.   They considered in vitro fertilisation with a surrogate mother or adoption.  With the help of a counsellor they finally settled for adoption. A year later they were proud parents showing off their daughter to delighted grandparents, who were nevertheless still somewhat bemused. James and George smiled as they considered, “this whole business would have been much easier in animal families don’t you agree?”

Reflect, share and act. Scripture.  Paul and Barnabas continued, strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith and saying that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.   Acts 14:19-28.  Pope Francis:   Every person regardless of sexual orientation ought to be respected in their dignity.  Those who manifest a homosexual orientation should be given respectful pastoral guidance so that they can receive the assistance they need to understand and fully carry out God’s will in their lives. AL 251. From FAMILIES AND THE SYNOD:   Are families listened to within the Church? How can they be heard in this synodal process?  Pray. Mary, mother most wise pray for us