August 23rd.   A family lawyer had been invited to facilitate some sessions. She started by saying, “I know that the law is important and we need to know the law for justice to happen, but how often is the law manipulated and true justice is not done.  Many abuse cases and even rape cases never result in a conviction.  Is that justice? It certainly cannot be mercy if an abuser is let off and the victim is left with no reparation or resolution. What role does forgiveness play? Should true justice not involve some punishment and reparation?   What is true justice after all?”  

Woe to you.   You tithe mint and dill and cumin and have neglected the weightier matters of the law, justice and mercy and faith.  Matt 23:23.   Pope Francis:  Mercy is not opposed to justice but rather expresses God’s way of reaching out to the sinner, offering him a new chance to look at himself, convert and believe.  This does not mean that justice should be devalued.   Anyone who makes a mistake must pay the price.  However this is just the beginning  of conversion not its end because one begins to feel the tenderness and mercy of God. Love is the foundation of true justice.   FM21