April 22. TODAY IS EARTH DAY. HOW CAN YOU DO YOUR BIT? The parents continued their discussion.  “That story of Philip and him sharing the story of Jesus in such a way that the Ethiopian was convinced enough to ask for baptism is really powerful.  Do we have such preachers that can hold our and the kids’ attention?”  “It is a problem that the style in other churches is often more dynamic.” “There are programmes, some for youth, Theology of the Body or Charismatic or Encounter movements that do grab people with new insight of spirituality.  

An Ethiopian, a eunuch, a minister to the queen had come to Jerusalem to worship and was returning in his chariot while reading the prophet Isaiah, “Like a sheep, led to the slaughter, or a lamb before its shearer is silent, so he opened not his mouth.” The Spirit told Philip to join him and Philip explained the passage and told him the good news of Jesus. As they came to some water the eunuch asked to be baptized. After that the Spirit took Philip away and, passing on, he preached the gospel to all the towns. Acts 8:26-40.  Pope Francis:  The Gospel of the Family responds to the deepest expectations of the human person: a response to each one’s dignity and fulfilment in reciprocity, communion and fruitfulness.  This consists not merely n presenting a set of rules but in proposing values that are clearly needed today.  AL201.  Reflect, share, pray. Do I make enough efforts to renew and enrich my faith experience?