February  24.   The J&P desk sent out a notice to their members.  “Catholic Social Teaching has long spoken out against unjust labour practices and exploitation of workers. We are aware that even the so-called good guys can be guilty of that. J&P Parish groups in dioceses and parish are asked to take up the message. We know that on the whole this isn’t well received, even in some families when it comes to fair wages for domestic and other work.   Pope Francis speaks out on behalf of the poor and oppressed.  In our country it seems that it is often the EFF, the Economic Freedom Fighters who are the most outspoken on that aspect of social justice but their actions at times are clearly hypocritical. If they are against foreign workers why do their leaders frequent venues employing foreigners? But then the right response is to look into their and our own actions to see if we practice what we preach. State Capture isn’t only about government actions. Contact Josephine for more info.”   Becoming an eco-friendly family:  “labour makes possible the development of society and provides for the sustenance, stability and fruitfulness of one’s family.”  Are we just in our relationship with labour?  

 Cry now, you rich, Behold the wages of the labourers who mowed your fields which you kept back by fraud cry out and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts.  James 5:1-4.  Pope Francis:   In some host countries migration causes fear and alarm often fomented and exploited for political purposes.   Some people are hesitant and fearful with regard to migrants. This is a natural instinct of self-defence.   Yet an individual and a people are only fruitful and productive if they are able to develop a creative openness to others. Fear deprives us of the desire and the ability to encounter the other.  FT41.