February  23. Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.  Belinda shared that she was quite shocked one day when she was saying the “I confess” and she suddenly realized that the words “I have greatly sinned in what I have done and in what I have failed to do did apply to her personally.   Not doing my chores even, my work disappointed my mom,  or making and not keeping a promise did really hurt my relationship with Pauline.”  Anthony added, “I know I should stand up for what is just at work, Being too lazy to join the school outreach club is not being loving and lifegiving, even in a small way.  Sometimes these “not doing” sins can be the greater.   It might depends on what harm I am doing to whom or to what but also what good I am not doing. I think some ecological reflection and conversion is called for here.   Becoming an eco-friendly family:   Do you consider not helping a poor beggar on the street sinful?  Discuss

 Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.  James 4:17   Pope Francis:   The natural environment has been gravely damaged by our irresponsible behaviour. The social environment has also suffered damage. Both are due to the same evil: the notion that there are no indisputable truths to guide our lives and human freedom is limitless. LS6