29th December. JESUS.   Read, reflect, share, pray.   The name Jesus means Saviour, i.e. something active but can or should also maybe be understood as gift, Mpho.  God’s merciful gift of love that he gave to us at Christmas in the Incarnation is not only an abstract something but a person, God’s Son who is also our brother and friend.  He came as a humble helpless baby. He lived a simple life in a small country mixing with ordinary people but showed us the way of unconditional love and complete self-giving by his life and finally his death.  His Resurrection completed God’s plan of salvation and paved the way for us. How can we show our love and thank him for this saving gift?

Scripture: The greatest gift a person can give is to give his life for his friends.  John 15:13.   Pope Francis.  The Holy Father lamented when we Christians do not reflect the joy and hope offered by Christ’s closeness to us. “These unhappy Christians forget: an encounter with Jesus always brings you joy and if this does not happen to you it is not a true encounter with Jesus. Each of us today take a little time and think: ‘Jesus, You are within me: I want to meet You every day. You are a Person, not an idea; You are a companion, not a programme. You are Love that solves so many problems. You are the beginning of evangelisation. You, Jesus, are the source of joy.Pope Francis 15 November 2023.