April 5.  Friday of Easter week.  Abram came from a family of fishermen that had made their living in the fishing village of Pater Noster up the west coast of South Africa for generations.  But there were times these days when they caught little or nothing, which was a big worry for their families.   The women began a prayer campaign. And it worked.  One early morning after another futile night Abram’s wife met them on the beach.  “I had a powerful dream,” she said, “it was as if God was telling us to continue to trust in him and his care for our families and community. I believe you should go out again.”  Some of the men grumbled but they went and were delighted with their catch. “Not quite 153!” Abram’s brother teased but when they had come back the men, women and children knelt down to give thanks to God for his mercy but also knew they had to consider what God’s plan for them for their future would be.

Reflect, share, pray, Scripture: . Jesus said, “Cast the nets on the right side of the boat and you will find fish.” From John 21:1-14.     Pope Francis:  All family life is a shepherding in mercy. Each of us by our love and care leaves a mark on the life of others.   Each of us is a fisher of men, who in Jesus’ name, casts the net to others, or a famer who tills the fresh soil of those whom he or she loves, seeking to bring out the best in them.  AL322. Action.   Share some experiences when your trust in God’s care was answered.