March 21. Human Rights Day.   Fr Obed reminded the congregation that Human Rights Day is not just a national secular event but should have a religious aspect too, especially as the country is so close to the elections and is also commemorating an important milestone in May, the 30th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family.  At the special early morning Mass he made reference to and quoted from The Church’s Charter of Family Rights. The Charterpromotes the right to life, to marry, have children, work, shelter and more. In our world which is becoming more and more individualistic we must note that not only individuals but families have rights. Providing to meet these rights is the responsibility of governments. However, it cannot be left only to them to pass laws and protect us, but we are expected to pursue our rights and live out our responsibilities too.  This is no easy task and demands commitment from everyone.  “The family is much more than a mere legal, social and economic unit, but is a community of love and solidarity. It is uniquely suited to teach and transmit cultural, ethical, social, spiritual and religious values, essential for the development and well-being of its own members and of society.”  Charter of Family Rights. E.

 Reflect, share. Human rights are also family rights. Looking In the special Eucharistic prayer, “Jesus, the Way to the Father,” the priest prays the words, “grant that the faithful of the Church looking into the signs of the times by the light of faith may constantly devote themselves to the service of the Gospel.   Pope Francis:  Families and homes go together.  This makes us see how important it is to insist on the rights of the family and not only those of individuals.  The Church has always promoted marriage and the family to defend them against those who attack them.  Families have the right to be able to count on an adequate family policy on the part of public authorities in the juridical, economic, social and fiscal domains. AL44. LSAP 5. Ecological education. Pray a lenten pray of faith and commitment to family rights in all of creation. Choose appropriate action.