May 2. Abigail said, “It is interesting that debates about cultural practices, like the need for circumcision to be a Christian, happened in the early church and now we have our own traditions around marriage and family practices too.  I find it intriguing that Jason picked up about God putting a yoke upon the neck which none was able to bear.  Does that speak to us about today’s church teachings on cohabitation, contraception, abortion and LGBTQI+ or where do we draw the line?   Most of those are issues discussed in Amoris Laetitia and in later statements and documents including the recent Dignitas Infinita.

Reflect, share, scripture: Why do you make trial of God by putting a yoke upon the neck of the disciples which neither our father nor we have been able to bear?  But we believe that we shall be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, just as they will.”  Acts 15:10-11 Pope Francis:  We have long thought that simply by stressing doctrinal, bioethical and moral issues, without encouraging openness to grace, we were providing sufficient support to families and giving meaning to marital life. We find it difficult to present marriage more as a dynamic path to personal development and fulfilment than as a lifelong burden. AL 37.  Respect for the dignity of each person is the indispensable basis for the existence of any society that claims to be founded on just law and not on the force of power.  Acknowledging human dignity form the basis for upholding fundamental human rights, which precede and ground all civic coexistence. Dignitas Infinita.   DI 114.  ACTION:  Reflect, pray and share as appropriate your thoughts and feelings as parents and kids, about these yokes, seeing they are discussing these topics at school. .