Today only scraps of the human consciousness recognize God acting to restore and heal the Earth. We have forgotten that we live in the household of God, the oikos, the Beloved Community. Our fundamental interconnectedness has been at best forgotten, at worst deliberately denied.  From the SEASON OF CREATION Celebration guidelines.

Does creation belong to God, for us to give him glory and honour in his cathedrals? Or does it belong in the cathedrals of commerce, sport and entertainment in our day? Does it belong to religions over the centuries, with their own views of creation and a creator and what is expected of the peoples? Archaeologists are presently exploring an ancient Maya civilisation in central America and certainly gods were very present there. Does creation belong to faith families who compete for members, with the attitude of “ours is better than yours”?  Or to those who work in harmony with one another in our day?

Does creation belong to the followers of St Francis who is revered for his love of all elements of creation?  Maybe today creation is seen to belong to environmentalists, or economists, or politicians who debate over its future as all of creation faces enormous challenges in a battle for survival?   Is creation the responsibility of world leaders who are preparing for major conferences to address the serious problems of loss of biodiversity (COP15)   and climate change (COP 26) . Check out and sign the petition

Pope Francis subtitles his document in praise of creation LAUDATO SI, (Praise God) ON THE CARE OF OUR COMMON HOME. The particular aspect of the whole universe with which we are concerned and which we call Creation or Nature is our earth – Mother Earth, in the words of St Francis. It is our WORLD, A FAMILY OF FAMILIES and belongs to God and all who inhabit it, human, animal and plant, but only humans have been gifted with the capabilities to take the necessary action to CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME.    

In speaking of creation over the centuries, civilisations have considered gods as superior beings, demanding sacrifices to earn their favour.  Belief systems of today still recognize a spirit world.   Our Judeo-Christian religions and our biblical writers have written of a Creator who made heaven and earth. In our belief system there is a spirit world where angels, also creatures of God, live with God.  Deceased human beings too are spirits existing in eternal life.    

Angels appear in the Bible in a number of different places, notably the Psalms and prophetic writings.   The 29th September, the feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, recognizes their special role. Although given the title saint they are non-human. St Michael appears as protector and in our devotion to him we call on him to engage in battle against, Satan, the devil, the prince of evil and a fallen angel.  St Gabriel appears as a messenger from God bringing good news to various people including Mary. St Raphael is the healer in the book of Tobit.  On 2 October, the Church commemorates the feast of our Guardian Angels.  On 4th October we celebrate with the patron saint of ecology, St Francis.  

Angels Unaware, Sculpture in St Peters Square by Timothy Schmalz

At this time of severe trial with many ills facing the world who can be held responsible and who can come to our aid?  Has the devil corrupted us?  Are our own selfishness and greed not responsible too? We alone cannot heal the world and our arrogance in ignoring our dependence on God’s intervention itself must be sinful.

The Season of Creation, currently being commemorated, invites us, humbly, to place our trust in God and to be guided by the resources he offers us, including his angels and his saints.  St Michael, the archangel defend us in the day of battle. St Francis, patron saint of all of creation, pray for us.  All you saints of God, intercede and pray for us in our perplexity and our complexity.  TR.  FAMILY WEEKLY 29 SEPTEMBER 2021.