April 13. Thursday of Easter week.    Bryan seeing himself as a budding forensic pathologist wondered, “I am fascinated by Jesus and his resurrected body. How could he not be a spirit but appear and disappear at will?   It must really have been very hard for the disciples to believe.  Touching something does make it far more real, like sometimes even when I feel I want to be loved. I suppose once you have crossed that barrier you can also take seriously what Jesus said.”   Reflect, share, pray, act

Scripture:  Jesus said to them,” Why are you troubled?  See my hands and my feet that it is I myself. Touch me and see, for a spirit as no flesh and bones as I have.  Luke 24:35-48.  Pope Francis. Against a backdrop of love so central to the Christian experience of marriage and the family the virtue of tenderness stands out.  In biblical texts we see a delicate and tender intimacy between mother and child, a babe sleeping his mother’s arms after being nursed.  AL 28.