January  13.  Saturday Mass of Our Lady.  On any Saturday of the year this Mass can be celebrated and her role as mother or her many other titles and images commemorated.  At the beginning of this New year, choose a favourite image e.g. consider Mary as a working mother in the home, in the village, going to fetch water with the other women and caring for her little family as all mothers are called to do to the best of their ability.  For some, possibly working mothers, or where a mother is the main breadwinner it can be more difficult to keep this balance.  However all mothers and every family member can pray for Mary’s guidance and protection.    (Image by Fr Claudio Rossi SJ)

Reflect, share, and Pray: Lord Jesus Christ, you chose the Virgin Mary to be your mother and provide a worthy home in which to dwell. By her prayers keep us from danger and bring us to the joy of heaven where you live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.  Pope Francis:  The Church has been present for centuries and understands grace and sin, the beauty of universal love. For many Christians the journey of fraternity has a mother whose name is Mary. She received the give of universal motherhood at the foot of the cross and so cares for all her children.  In the power of the risen lord, she wants to give birth to a new world, where all are brothers and sisters and there is room for  those whom societies discard.  FT 278Choose appropriate action.