5th October. A New Evangelisation.  The extended Jackson family had undergone quite tough times with the family business and some of the younger members wanting to break away and do their own thing.   To Joe and Vanessa it felt as if the family was falling apart. Two of the sons and their wives made a concerted effort to get the whole tribe together for a special celebration Mass for the parents 50th wedding anniversary.  It took some doing, some conflict and some healing but eventually the day arrived. Afterwards Ruby shared, “This has been quite a mission and maybe it is our family’s mission to recapture some of our closeness and even share it with other families. Isn’t it something to celebrate?” 

Reflect, share, act. Scripture : After the exile Ezra and the Levites taught the people.     Go your way eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to him for whom nothing is prepared for this day is holy to our Lord.   Neh 8:1-12.  Pope Francis.  How I long to find the right words to stir up enthusiasm for a new chapter of evangelisation full of fervour, joy, generosity, courage, boundless love and attraction.   No words of encouragement will be enough unless the fire of the Holy Spirit burns in our hearts. EG261   SYNOD methodology: “Conversation in the Spirit” is aimed at deterring polemical debate on controversial subjects. The method “opens up ‘spaces’ in which to address even controversial issues together.” These issues, which are debated in society and in the Church, can often lead to “clashes” in person or on social media rather than considered discussion.  Pray: Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in us the fire of your love, so that walking together we may renew the face of the earth.