6th October. Money.  Every dinner table conversation in our day is likely to include the subject of corruption. Depending on the gathering it is likely to be about the public sector, the private sector, the business world, historic or current events. But somehow it is always “the other” who is guilty.  In families we can fall into that same trap but with children it is our task too to show them how to look at ourselves and address the need for honesty.  “Would righteousness, to use a biblical term include our attitude towards money?” Hope asked. “Is money there to be spent carelessly, or carefully, prudently and not wasted?” “Can making as much money as possibly be the right thing to do?”   Reflect, share, act. Scripture: Righteousness belongs to the Lord our God but confusion of face as at this day to us, the inhabitants of Jerusalem and our kings and princes and priests and fathers because we have sinned before the Lord and have not heeded the voice of the Lord.   Baruch 1:15-21.  Pope Francis.  men and women of our post-modern world run the risk of rampant individualism and many problems are connected with today’s self-centred culture of instant gratification.    Parents can be prone to impulsive and wasteful consumption which then affects their children who find it increasingly difficult to acquire a home of their own and build a family.  Ls 162  Pray: Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in us the fire of your love, so that walking together we may renew the face of the earth.