August 22. Money management.  The conversation in the group came back to possessions and money management again.  This is a sore point in many relationships  Men complain that women are spenders, women complain that men are mean and irresponsible, drink or gamble.  “My husband refuses to tell me what he earns.”  “I need to ration the money I give to my wife because she just spends it all.”  So comments came from all around the groups.  Are there gender traits when it comes to managing finances or is it to do with one’s ideology, be it socialist or capitalist?   They also came to recognise that not everyone is called to give up all worldly possessions. That is a special calling.  Everyone is called, however, to have a proper balance even recognising that wealth and greed and corruption can be problems at any level. 

Reflect, share, act. Scripture Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”   From Matt 19:23-30.  Pope Francis: Many things have to change but it is we human beings above all who need to change.  We lack an awareness of our common origin, our mutual belonging and a future to be shared with everyone. This basic awareness would enable the development of new convictions, attitudes and forms of life.   LS 202.