June 1.  UN  Global Day of Parents.   “Was Jesus ever angry?” Jenny asked her children.  “No, he was perfect,” one said, “But what about when he chased the sellers in the temple grounds away?” “He was angry because they were cheating the people and shouldn’t have a shop inside a temple anyway.”  Jenny reminded them that being a parent is preparing children for life. “Of course we love you but that doesn’t mean we can’t be angry at times. Parenting is in a way being like God, we love you and want what is best for you. At the same time if we have been unfair or wrong we should be willing to say sorry and ask forgiveness.   That is one of the most valuable things we parents can teach you kids.” The UN writes, “This Global Parenting Day provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world, regardless of nationality, race, religion or culture, for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship.” Buhle added, “I wonder how animal families deal with teaching their young and if they sometimes have conflict between the generations. I’d like to study that more.”   

Reflect, share, act. Scripture:  The sun looks down on everything with its light and the work of the Lord is full of his glory.  the Lord, the Almighty searches out the abyss and the hearts of men, and considers their crafty devices.  For the Most High knows all that may be known and he looks into the signs of the age. Sirach 42:15-25.   Pope Francis:  Father and mother both cooperate with the love of God the creator and are in a certain sense his interpreters.  Together they teach the value of reciprocity, of respect for differences and of being able to give and take.  If for some inevitable reason one parent should be lacking, it is important to compensate for this loss, for the sake of the child’s healthy growth to maturity.  AL 172.