June 2.  More and more black families are moving into urban areas and do bring some of their traditions, beliefs and practices with them, although the children, especially, become quite westernised through their schooling and interactions.  Grandparents do still have a special place,and the importance of their ancestors is something that is still preserved in homes, for the present. But who knows what the next generation will do to these cultural beliefs. Wouldn’t this apply in other families in nature too?

Reflect, share, act. Scripture:  Let us now praise famous men and our fathers in their generations.   These were men of mercy whose righteous deeds have not been forgotten, their prosperity will remain with their descendants and their inheritance to their children’s children.  From Sirach 44:1-13.  Pope Francis:    Often grandparents are a crucial aid in affection and religious education. With their wisdom they are a vital link in the relationship between generations. CV262. Chrisrus Vivit = Pope Francis’ letter to the Youth. .