July 11. Family conflict. When the group shared on their experience as grandparents they sometimes shared their sadness that there is conflict in so many families. It might be between brothers, or sisters, or in their extended families. “Without me around to keep the peace I wonder if our family would fall apart,” Joan said. Granny Joyce loved watching wrestling on TV and she shared, “When I look at the wrestling it does make me think about family in-fighting also with us in-laws. I know that wrestling is a strange sport, lots of show, but in reality it is also a test of strength and skill. Learning the lessons of life is like a wrestling match, even with God as Jacob found out.”

Reflect, share, act. Scripture:   A man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day. Read Gen 32: 33.   Pope FrancisIn families everyone contributes to the common purpose, everyone works for the common good, not denying each person’s individuality but encouraging and supporting it.  They may quarrel but there is something that does not change, the family bond.   Family disputes are always resolved afterwards.   The joys and sorrows of each of the members are felt by all. That is what it means to be a family!”  FT 230