October 19.  Continuing the reflection and discussion on work and considering the inter-generational aspect was also interesting. The younger people were horrified at the thought of ever beating a servant, never mind more or less severely.   And yet until quite recent times that was Currently the death of a young woman in Iran brought a very violent protest against the beating she had received from the Iranian police. Sometimes in the context of trafficking or the treatment of foreigners by locals or the authorities the actions can be very harsh and brutal. There are still occasions today when workers and employees as well as employers are assaulted.  Does gender-based violence have the same or similar roots one wonders.  

Scripture:  The servant who knew his master’s will and did not act according to his will shall receive a severe beating.  But he who did not know and did what deserved a beating shall receive a light beating.  Luke 12:39-48.  Pope Francis:  That public opinion is manifesting a growing opposition to the death penalty, even as a means of legitimate social defence is a “sign of hope.” Rendering justice does not mean seeking punishment for its own sake, but ensuring that the basic purpose of all punishment is the rehabilitation of the offender. Fear and resentment can easily lead to viewing punishment in a vindictive and even cruel way, rather than as part of a process of healing and reintegration into society.  FT 266.