August 12th. Pregnancy counselling.   “I believe that an infant who is rejected by its mother can suffer long-lasting psychological harm. Whether the pregnancy was because of rape, war rape, date rape or unwanted for other more material reasons is it possible for a mother – and father – to learn to love the baby?”  Chloe, a midwife shared her experience. “I know that pregnancy can be traumatic and that there are for too many abandoned babies. I have also seen that there is a unique bond that grows mainly between mother and baby if she lets that happen. That is where non-judgmental counselling is important.”   

On the day you were born, no one pitied you. Your navel string was not cut.   You were abhorred.  I took pity and washed you.  You grew exceedingly beautiful but you trusted in your beauty and played harlot.  Read Ezek 16:1-15   Pope Francis:   Expectant mothers need to ask God for the wisdom fully to know their children and to accept them as they are. Some parents feel that their child is not coming at the best time. It is important for that child to feel wanted.  A child is a human being and may never be used for one’s own benefit.  I urge all future mothers to keep happy and let nothing rob you of the interior joy of motherhood. AL170-1