January 30.  Andrew and his family discussed the issue of climate change.  “It sure is one of the most serious challenges of our time.  Weather patterns have changed all over the world and fiercer storms, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons and more devastating floods and excessive heat have been experienced recently and notably during these unusual years too.  Of interest is that pollution has not been as serious in some big cities as in previous years because of different levels of lock-down, with less cars and factory emissions.” “Do we need to ask God to calm our storm or do we need to take action ourselves? I think we should start by doing both.” Penelope said.

On that day when evening came Jesus said “let us go to the other side.”   A great storm of wind arose and the waves beat into the boat.  But Jesus was asleep on a cushion in the stern.”  They woke him and said, “Do you not care if we perish?” He rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace, be still.”  And there was a great calm.   Mark 4:35-41.   

Pope Francis:  A worldwide tragedy like the Covid-19 pandemic momentarily revived the sense that we are all in the same boat, where one person’ problems are the problems of all, that no one is saved alone, we can only be saved together.  The brutal and unforeseen blow of this uncontrolled pandemic forced us to recover our concern for human beings. The pain, uncertainly and fear and the realization of our own limitations have only made it all the more urgent to rethink our styles of life and the meaning of our existence.   All too quickly however, we forget the lessons of history.  If only, once this crisis passes, we will rediscover once and for all that we need one another and that in this way our human family can experience a rebirth.  FT 32-35.   Extraordinary Moment of Prayer in time of Epidemic. 27 March 2020.    Reflect and share.