June 17.  WMFO Novena Day 5.  Focus on Family Violence.    The YCS group, to which Patrick belonged, had members who came from rich families as well as poor families, with most of them in between. Their chaplain led a meditation on the topic of “treasure.”  “From one perspective we find Jesus asking us not to be attached to our worldly belongings, cellphone, xbox, etc. From another perspective Jesus could be acknowledging how important peace in the home and good and strong relationships are.  It can be said that breakdown of relationship and family violence are like the thieves, stealing the harmony, peace and joy that are the real treasure in our lives. Just like working for the material things we want, we have to work at achieving that different kind of treasure. “ 

Reflect, share and act.  Scripture.  Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.   Matt 6:19-23Pope Francis and Catechesis 7. Three expressions:  may I, thank you, pardon me, open up the way to living well in your family, to living in peace. They are simple expressions, but not so simple to put into practice! Sometimes it is because they struggle to live together, sometimes because their relationships are not always easy and carefree, sometimes because the couple’s relationship goes through a thousand forms of abuse and subjugation, even the most dramatic and violent kind. By embracing these three words – may I, thank you, pardon me – each member of the family is in a position to recognize his or her own limits. Acknowledging one’s own weakness leads each of us not to dominate but rather to be respectful.