September 12.   When Fr Peter brought in a large cross the congregation didn’t realize at first that the feast of the Triumph of the Cross occurred at this time and that the readings spoke of a cross too. He reminded the congregation that undoubtedly every individual, couple and family have their cross to bear, large or small. It may be a personal weakness, a disability or something in the other person, in particular a spouse, or it may be poverty. Are you able to acknowledge the crosses in marriage, recognise them even as gifts to accompany Jesus, but that there is triumph awaiting us at the end of the journey? Married life is a sharing in the Paschal Mystery with Jesus.  Each must set aside all illusions and accept the other as he or she really is, an unfinished product, needing to grow, a work in progress.  

Jesus called to him the multitude with his disciples and said to them, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.  “Mk 8:27-35. 

Pope Francis:  Gradually with the grace of the Holy Spirit the spouses grow in holiness through married life, also by sharing in the mystery of Christ’s cross which transforms difficulties and sufferings into an offering of love.  AL317.   The married couple are a permanent reminder for the Church of what took place on the cross. They are witnesses for one another and their children. Al 72 

Questions for SHARING AND ACTION  –

For those who are married, couples, individuals or groups Share lovingly what your particular cross is at this time, how you are coping with carrying it and what your feelings about this are.  The intention is to share this and focus on the communication rather than put pressure on the spouse to do something about it. Change may come with deeper understanding.

For others in the community.  Discuss the crosses that are common in marriages and daily life and pray for strength needed for couples to continue on the journey.  Conclude with a moment of prayer.

ECO-TIP AND PRAYER:  Consider the crosses carried by all creatures due to environmental degradation. Pray that leaders will take the necessary action.  Sign the Healthy Planet, Healthy People petition at