September 13.  Myra was happy with what she had heard in her catechetical course. She explained, “A simple definition: theology is the study of God, spirituality is the lived experience of a relationship with God.  So the theology of marriage or of creation can be studied but a spirituality is concerned with understanding how to live in ordinary everyday life, even recognising Jesus as the 3rd partner in a marriage and seeing him in creation.  Spirituality is not the same as prayer but includes prayer, individual, couple and family prayer. Using scripture, formal or informal prayer members pray for and with each other offering praise and thanksgiving, seeking reconciliation and asking for their particular needs.  Couple prayer especially is not easy. Where couples do not worship in the same church praying together can build their unity.  Research has shown that couples who pray together have the least chance of marriage breakdown.”  “I will keep trying to get us to pray as a couple,” she thought to herself.    

There is one God and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus who gave himself as a ransom for all.  1 Tim 2:1-8   Pope Francis:  Jesus lived in full harmony with creation.   He was far removed from philosophies which despised the body, matter and the things of the world.    The destiny of all creation is bound up with the mystery of Christ present from the beginning.   The New Testament tells us of the earthly Jesus and also shows him risen and glorious, present throughout creation by his universal Lordship.  This leads us to direct our gaze to the end of time when the Son will deliver all things to the Father so that God may be everything to everyone.   LS 100

ECO-TIP AND PRAYER:  Make time for a couple eco-event, your own or with a couple focus.  Pray the Canticle of Creation.