March 25. Monday of Holy Week. Although we believe Jesus spent most of his life in fairly remote small towns the country of Israel at that time was in a state of political turmoil much as it is today.   Imagine if Jesus lived in today’s world would he be living in Soweto, Khayelitsha, a village in Limpopo, one of our  big inner cities or in a country such as Nigeria or Nicaragua, Iraq or Ireland or Mexico or Makwhakhwa?  There are many “prophets” and powerful preachers today of all kinds of denominations and thousands of people flock to hear them.  Are they promoting Jesus’ way, the way of mercy and love? 

Do our lawyers, our politicians, our law-enforcement officers and the army of security guards stand for true justice?  Who among them has an ethical approach to life and lives by personal moral standards or are they open to corruption or convenient solutions?  Are they purely administrators or interpreters of the law?  Are they captured by visions of wealth and power or true justice?  These were questions young would-be lawyers were asked to debate.  Not easy questions with no easy answers.  Did Judas, who followed Jesus with the others and learned his way and finally betrayed his Master, not, or never believe in true justice?   

Read, reflect, share and pray. Why was this ointment not sold and the money given to the poor? This he said not because he cared for the poor but because he was a thief. John 12:1-11. Behold my servant whom I uphold, my chosen in whom my soul delights I have put my Spirit upon him he will bring forth justice to the nations. Is 42:1 1st Song of the Servant. Pope Francis:  The establishment of a legal framework which can set clear boundaries and ensure the protection of ecosystems has become indispensable.  LS 53 Choose appropriate action..

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