May 26. Trinity Sunday. Laudato Si Week. Fr Brian shared his message, “The Blessed Trinity has always been a powerful image of God to me, even if I will never fully understand it. There is a kind of aura of greatness about this idea of God and three in one. I did grow to understand the concept of a community of love, total committed love, when I worked in the ministry to marriage with the couples. Then I could relate the Trinity to the example or model of a family,  a couple of parents, also as an example of a community of love.  I try to tell that to young people, when I speak about marriage to them and when I look at the family life of all God’s other creatures I feel truly inspired.

Reflect, share, Scripture:  You shall keep his statutes and his commandments, which I command you this day, that it may go well with you and with your children after you and that you may prolong your days in the land which the Lord you God gives you forever. Deut 4:40.  Pope Francis:  The world created according to the divine model of trinitarian communion is a web of relationships. The human person grows more, matures more and is sanctified more to the extent that he or she enters into relationships, going out from themselves to live in communion with God, with others and with all creatures. LS 240   The Father is the ultimate source of everything, the loving and self-communicating foundation of all that exists. The Son, his reflection, through whom all things were created united himself to this earth when he was formed in the womb of Mary. The Spirit infinite bond of love is intimately at the very heart of the universe, inspiring and bringing new pathways. The world was created by the three persons, acting as a single divine principle. When we contemplate with wonder the universe in all its grandeur and beauty we must praise the whole Trinity.LS 238-239.  ACTION.  Reflect on what this Laudato Si week, also with a family focus, has meant and ask yourselves if this was an experience of ecological conversion for us?  Are we becoming more of an ECO-FRIENDLY FAMILY?   Let us pray:  As families let us be seeds of hope in our lives and our world, rooted in faith and love.