Lord, turn our churches into ‘inns’, to welcome those in need. Then he put him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him (Lk 10:34). To be a “welcomer” conduct an INTERDENOMINATIONAL PRAYER SERVICE on or around PENTECOST. https://marfam.org.za/2024/05/16/pentecost-interdenominational-prayer-2024/

Reflection. The man who fell into the hands of robbers was cared for by a Samaritan, a religious reject.  He saw beyond prejudice or bias. He saw someone in need and brought him to an inn, paid for his care and promised to pay more if due.  In any family or human society, hospitality and solidarity require the welcoming of strangers, foreigners, migrants and homeless people. However, when faced with insecurity, suspicion and violence, we tend to mistrust our neighbours.  Hospitality is an important witness to the Gospel, particularly in contexts of religious and cultural pluralism. Welcoming ‘the other’, and being welcomed in turn, is at the heart of ecumenical dialogue. Christians are challenged to turn our homes and our churches into inns where our neighbours can find Christ. Such hospitality is a sign of the love that our churches have for one another and for all.  In that way we move from being strangers to being neighbours.

Prayer for Unity, Families and Life.

Father of love, In Jesus, you showed us the meaning of hospitality by showing care for our fragile humanity and our world.   Help us families to become a community that welcomes those who feel abandoned and lost, building a house where all are welcome. May we come closer to one another as we offer the world your unconditional love. This we pray in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.