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February 25. Lent 2B. Transfiguration.   Fr Obed reminded the congregation about the stories of God’s relationship with His people, especially family stories like that of Abraham and his son Isaac.  To test him God asked Abraham to offer the boy as a sacrifice, a burnt offering. Fr Obed, looked down at the altar servers and asked, “Would your father do such a thing? Most likely not, as we Christians no longer practise human sacrifice as was done in ancient times. But there are fathers who have to take responsibility for the suffering and death of their children from neglect or hunger or try to force  girls to have sex and later to have abortions. Is that so different? What makes us behave in life-giving rather than life-destructive ways if not a strong relationship with Jesus? Sometimes we need and are given signs to strengthen our faith like the three apostles who witnessed the transfiguration where they saw Jesus in a glorified form.”

Reflect, share, Scripture:  Jesus took Peter, James and John and led them up a mountain apart; and he was transfigured before them and his garments became glistening intensely white. Read Mark 9:2-11   Pope Francis:  The primary reason for evangelizing is the love of Jesus which we have received, the experience of salvation which urges us to ever greater love of him. What kind of love would not feel the need to speak of the beloved, to point him out, to make him known? EG  In talking with his disciples Jesus would invite them to recognize the paternal relationship God has with all his creatures.  With moving tenderness he would remind that that each one of them is important in God’s eyes, “are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?” In the Christian understanding of the world, the destiny of all creation is bound up with the mystery of Christ present from the beginning. LS98-99   Pray one of the Lenten prayers.:: for growth in the tender love of the Father for all his creatures. Choose appropriate action.  LSAP GOAL 1  Cry of the earth.