January 15. Discipline is a tough issue nowadays and parents and educators too have to find positive ways to punish children when they disobey the rules, as corporal punishment is no longer considered acceptable.   Confiscating a child’s phone, or restricting their TV or computer access, or grounding them, preventing their going out with friends are punishments, while living with the consequences of unacceptable behaviour are also punishment in themselves.  As a family with children it is important in developing the right attitude to discuss what the rules of the house should be and what punishment there should be for disobedience.

Reflect, share. Scripture: King Saul disobeyed the commands of the Lord in a battle so Samuel, the judge, told Saul of God’s severe punishment.  “Since you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has rejected you as king.”  From Samuel 15:16-23. Pope Francis: It is essential to help children and adolescents to realise that misbehaviour has consequences.   They need to be encouraged to put themselves in other people’s shoes and acknowledge the hurt they have caused. It is important to train them firmly to ask forgiveness and to repair the harm done. AL 268. Pray: for an understanding of the need for discipline.   Choose appropriate action.