March 26. Human Rights and a Throw-away World.   Zandile and George were veterans of the liberation struggle and at this time of the year often spoken of those days.  “It is interesting to see how the scripture readings as we approach Holy Week describe violent protests that are building up. The prophet Jeremiah  experienced it, as he warned the leaders against their wicked ways and so did Jesus.   Jeremiah however was calling on God for vengeance.

Scripture. “The Lord is with me as a dread warrior, therefore my persecutors will stumble, they will not overcome me.  They will be greatly shamed. Jer 20:10-13.  Jesus did not seek physical confrontation but he cleverly debated with the jews and defended himself. “At that time the Jews took up stones to stone Jesus.  Jesus answered them, “I have shown you many good works from the Father, for which of these do you stone me?” Again they tried to arrest him but he escaped from their hands.” 

Pope Francis:   It frequently becomes clear that in practice, human rights are not equal at all.  Respect for those rights is the preliminary condition for a country’s social and economic development. When the dignity of the human person is respected and his or her rights recognized and guaranteed, creativity and interdependence thrive and the creativity of the human personality is released through actions that further the common good.  FT22.

Some parts of our human family, it appears, can be readily sacrificed for the sake of others considered worthy of a carefree existence.   Persons are no longer seen as a paramount value to be cared for and respected, especially when they are poor and disabled, not yet useful – like the unborn – or no longer needed – like the elderly.  We have grown indifferent to all kinds of wastefulness starting with the deplorable waste of food.  FT 18.

The harmony which St Francis experienced with all creatures was seen as a healing of the rupture of original sin.  St Bonaventure held that through this universal reconciliation with every creature St Francis in some way returned to the state of original innocence of our first parents. LS 66. 

Reflect, share, act, pray.   Have we adopted the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle approach to combat the throw-away culture of today’s world?