January 4. Taking stock is an excellent thing, for individuals but for a whole family too. It can be done at the beginning of the year, or regularly, from time to time.   Mr Purser suggested, “ How are we going to practise our family listening and sharing times this coming school and work year? Will we be able to programme some time into our week, time without cellphones, TV or computers?  We can each talk about our own reality and plans and also consider what we can do together to become an “eco-friendly family,” caring for the environment and all humanity.  Let everyone have a chance to express their own ideas.”   

Reflect, share. Scripture: My children, do not let anyone lead you astray: to live a holy life is to be holy just as God is holy; to lead a sinful life is to belong to the devil since the devil was a sinner from beginning.  1 John 3:7-8, 11. Pope Francis:  Consideration needs to be given to the growing danger represented by an extreme individualism which weakens family bonds and ends up considering each member of the family as an isolated unit, leading to the idea that one’s personality is shaped by his or her desires which are considered absolute.  The tensions created by an overly individualistic culture, caught up with possessions and pleasure, leads to intolerance and hostility in families.   AL 33. Pray: for the year ahead that we may be open to one another and the needs of the greater world of families.  Choose appropriate action.