21 December. Read, reflect, share, pray.   When Busi was old enough he was sent to the local mission school. That was where he heard more about Jesus, the greatest king of all, a strong king who did not make war but believed in peace. Busi often listened to stories told by Brother Francis, who had come from far away across the sea and still remembered the great war in Europe and other parts of the world more than 60 years ago.   Many millions of people were killed as opposing sides fought fierce battles. Millions of Jewish people too were killed, especially because of their faith.  Brother Francis believed only in peace, like Jesus did and the first Franciscan brother, St Francis himself, and of course our own Pope Francis, He so often says how sad he is about the many wars today and how he prays for the many children who suffer.

It was Brother Francis who thought up the idea of a pilgrimage for children, bringing them together from many countries where they have suffered because of war.  He wanted to bring them to the place where Jesus, the real king of peace was born.  He knew that nowadays even young children can surf the net and so they can find out on their parents’ or their own computers about the conflicts in all kinds of countries all over the world.  He thought how children know so much with their heads and at times with their bodies too, but sometimes they have not felt these painful things yet in their hearts.

Scripture:  Jesus said, “suffer little children to come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Pope Francis: Children need help in  the process of inner healing and in this way grow in the ability to understand and live in peace with others.